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I’m 67, and I’ve done the lasting power of attorney for my mother. My mum’s grasp on modern-day living, as it were, was a bit limited, so it was decided then that I would pay all the bills, sort everything out for her.
Three years ago I had a stroke and you start thinking about your own mortality, and you start thinking about, “If something had have happened to me, then how would Mum have coped? What would have happened?”
Anyway, looking on the internet, and I literally stumbled across the government site for a lasting power of attorney lawyer, started to look at it and I thought, “This is good, because you can download all the paperwork yourself, you don’t need a solicitor, and the instructions that went with each section of the lasting power of attorney, they were in proper people speak, not in legal jargon, so it was very easy for me to follow it. If I can do it, anybody can do it, you know. It’s easy… the written instructions, you just can’t go wrong. And I would say now to anybody, “Don’t be frightened, don’t worry about going to see a solicitor; do it yourself. And I’m glad I did it and I’m glad I did it when I did it. My mum is really pleased.”
Can I say, “Thank you”? Of course you can. Yes, of course you can.
I just want to say, “Thank you,” to everybody involved in doing the website, because it’s given me peace of mind and I’m sure it gives a lot of people peace of mind. My friend now is doing that and you’ve made it so simple and so easy for anybody to do. I just hope that anybody who sees this film, please, do it, and you’ll feel so relieved afterwards.
You know, it’s great to know that the people that you care for, everything is looked after for them.
Thank you.