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A witty women is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power.' Beauty is like a magnet - it attracts others to it. Yet while elements of beauty are easy to spot, what truly defines it remains intangible. Everybody can look beautiful with a little care and the right cosmetics. A few simple free beauty tips and cosmetics makeup advice will help you change your looks. Our Beauty & Makeup Tips are designed for busy people of any age and all walks of life.

Beauty is much more than just a great looking face and body. A shortcut to beauty therapy is not just by use of best cosmetics but, feeling good on the inside. Natural Beauty means having a healthy body and positive outlook on life, what also helps you is how you interpret life and how you wear yourself - usually cheerful and full of life.

Tips on how to Look Beautiful? (Beauty Mantra)

Feel good, feel pretty and that's just what the world will see. If you feel ugly, that's what the people will see. Try to look as good as you can with the use of natural beauty, cosmetics and makeup. There are ways to live in beauty without being obsessive about it.

We give you what it takes to fake hundreds per cent perfect beauty - hair, skin, nails, hands and feet's, eyes, makeup, health tips, cosmetics, cosmetics tips, makeup tips, beauty solutions & advice, etc. -- after all it is every women's need to look and feel great.

Five beauty tips for the monsoon

1. Foundation Tip : Avoid a water-based foundation because with the humidity level increasing, it'd easily dissolve. Go for an oil-based concealer or just dab some compact powder.

2. Eyes Tip : Wear brighter colors. metallic shades are the best for your eyes and you can also add some depth with thick kajal. Subtle shimmer on the eyes is perfect for a night-out.

3. Lips Tip : Given the humidity, glossy lipsticks tend to leak and matt lipsticks make your face look dull. It is best to go for a creamy matt lipstick.

4. Cheeks Tip : Use a touch of cream blush as it is waterproof. A dash of the blush on your cheekbones also accentuates your features.

5. Mascara Tip : Go for a water-proof mascara. If you are caught in the rain the mascara won't run.

  Skin Care   Hair Care   Home Remedies  
We provide right tips on how to care for your skin. Taking care of your skin is the first step towards your beauty care. Face skin needs special attention. Pollution, sun-rays and stress of work, cosmetics products, all combine to ruin your skin and leads to many skin problems. So, your skin needs regular care to rejuvenate, tighten your skin and for removing wastes of makeup, impurities and dead and dull cells of skin.
Ideals of beauty and cosmetics expert have always laid great importance on hair. We provide tips and information on hair care, hair types, hair washing, shampooing, conditioning techniques... Look for our new updated hair care section that includes tips on perfect haistyles, Celebrity Hairstyles, hair colors, hair problems solutions, etc.
Home-made facepack helps in providing natural oil and moisture to the skin. If you just look carefully you will find many of the ingredients of face-pack in your kitchen. It is much better if you can use the home-made face-pack instead of ready-made. Whereas Indian women are attracted towards make-up, the European women are getting more and more inclined towards using the herbal and natural therapy.
  Skin Disorders   Aromatherapy   Makeup Tips  
This complete guide to skin problems includes all beauty and skin diseases with detail information on causes, symptoms, treatment of each disorder. We have categorized all skin diseases abphabaticaly by names for your convinience.
Aromatherapy to be one of the finest ways to combat the detrimental effects of stress, restoring the beauty, tranquility and harmony of Nature into the lives of everyone. Essential Oils are now used in many cosmetics. What is Aromatherapy? Complete information on Various Essential Oils, their uses, benefits for beauty.
Get Best tips on makeup and cosmetics. Learn all tips and tricks on eye makeup, Bridal Makeup, eyebrows. We also have informative tips on the best cosmetics brands products.Make-up has the power to transform the face, create an image and boost self-confidence.. in short, to make you feel good about yourself.

  Health and Fitness   Eye Health   Eyebrows  
True physical fitness means a body that is not only free form disease, but is strong and resilient, capable of greater energy, endurance and stamina. All about Health Care, Juices for Health, Calisthenics workouts, Yoga for Healthy Mind and Body.
Here you will find information on various common eye conditions and eye problems with their causes, symptoms and effective treatment methods. Eyes are what one notices first about a person, so always keep this in mind when you make them up. But don't want them to stand out so much that no one will notice anything else about you.
Eyebrows shape the whole makeup. Get it right! Eyebrows should be overlooked. Eyebrows frame and bring focus to the eyes. If you have widely spaced eyes, make them look closer by drawing your eyebrows in nearer together, eyeliner beyond the inner corners of your eyes and blend in eyeshadow towards the nose.
  Acne Treatment   Hairstyles   Plastic Surgery  
Acne is rarely a serious medical condition, but it often causes emotional distress and can lead to scarring of the skin. With the right treatment, you can often keep acne under control. Measures also can be taken to reduce scars left by acne.
While deciding on the hairstyle, one has to keep one's figure in mind. There are hairstyles which can give illusions of slenderness or solidity. Indeed, the look of the hair and the way it is worn makes a great deal of difference to one's appearance. Selecting the right kind of hairstyle can give a very flattering end result and improve the general personality.
Plastic surgery is divided into two general categories: reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is usually nonelective surgery; it is performed to correct a person's abnormal feature or condition and make it, as closely as possible, a normal one.

How To Overcome with Problem Skin

However flawless our natural complexion, everybody suffers from problem skin at some time or another. Stress, an aggressive environment and hormonal fluctuations can all contribute to distressing breakouts. But you don't have to suffer in silence:

Do not get depressed - easier said than done, but against may lead to more spots.

Remember that not suffering from acne as a teenager does not make you immune for life: many women who were blemish free in their youth suffer in their twenties. This can mean a decade of misery, but the acne generally disappears during their thirties.

Avoid food with high levels of saturated fat. Treat deep-fried foods as public enemy number one, and do not indulge in too many dairy products, which can contribute to blocked pores and the onset of pimples.

Drink plenty of filtered water, and eat as many portions of fresh fruit and vegetables as you can manage (five a day is the recommended daily amount). Steaming your vegetables is the best way to maintain their valuable mineral and vitamin content if you do not want to eat them raw.

Tie your hair back at night to prevent grease travelling down your forehead, and wash your hair regularly. Avoid using too many hair products, as they can aggravate the skin and lead to break-outs. Grey hair needs special treatment that only grey hair shampoos can provide. The future of skin care is now getting to a point where complex, difficult treatments are easier and more available to the average person.

Skin Diseases & Disorders : Browse all skin diseases and skin disorders alphabetically :


Nail Disorders Information Section - Onychocryptosis, Ingrown Toe Nail, Unguis incarnatus, Nail Patella Syndrome, Melanonychia, Leuconychia, Beaus lines, Koilonychia, Onycholysis

Natural Homemade Beauty tips and Secret
  1. Mix a few drops of oil of rosemary with 30ml/2tbsp of olive oil and rub well into scalp at bedtime. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly in the morning. Natural ingredient such as herbs and essential oils can help you achieve beautifully conditioned hair.
  2. If you have combination skin, take this tip from the beauty salons and use two masks - one suitable for oily skin and one for dry skin. Just apply each one to the relevant area that needs it.
  3. Five ml (1 tea sp) of powdered skimmed milk mixed with a beaten egg white makes a toning and whitening face mask. Spread evenly on face and leave for 10 minutes.
  4. If you use hypo allergenic makeup for your sensitive skin, remember to use hypo allergenic nail polish, too - you constantly touch your face with your hands and can easily trigger a reaction.
  5. Rub a rind of lemon over your face, this will lessen grease and whiten your complexion.
  6. If you are choosing a new fragrance, buy the weaker and cheaper eau de toilette first before splashing out on the stronger and more expensive perfume strength.
  7. Keep lashes smooth and supple by brushing them with petroleum jelly before going to bed at night. Its also a good way to emphasize natural looking lashes in daytime.
  8. Turn foundation into a tinted moisturizer by mixing a few drops of it with a little moisturizer on the back of your hand before applying. Its a perfect blend for summer.
The Shimmery Look The Smoky Look

The shimmery look and the exotic smoky look have been in for a long time. Acquire these looks by following such simple procedres.:

  1. Base : Apply yellow stick concealer. Matt the surface with cream base and translucent powder.
  2. Eyes: Apply pink eyeshadow, and highlight it with a dab of silver highlighter. Dust it with eyeliner on lashes. Apply very thin eyeliner on lashes only. Follow it with eyelash primer and mascara. Dab light pink and black on lower lid.
  3. Lips: Outline lips with a rasberry sahade. Fill it with light pink filler. Lock with gloss.
  1. Base: Application same as for the shimmery look.
  2. Eyes: Apply mauve/red bronze base eyeshadow on upper and lower lids. Highlight the socket areas with a smoky black hued shadow pigment. Use thick eyeliner to highlight the eyes. Curl eyelashes. Apply promer and mascara. Finish with a light kajal application.
  3. Blush On: Apply mauve/red blush on to complete the look.
  4. Lips: Apply nude purple/red and dab on gloss as lip outline.
  5. Cheeks: Nude pink blush on is applied on the cheeks. Highlight the cheekbones with mauve. Dab with white shommer.

Look and Feel Your Best with Cosmetics & Makeup tips

Flawless Face - No one, and we mean no one, can profess to have skin that behaves well day in and day out. A zit or two is bound to show up just when we can do without it. So how do you zit-proof yourself?

What's New in our Beauty Blog

Always cleanse your face before saying goodnight. It's an absolute must to keep your pores clear of daily grime. Don't OD on facials, especially if you have oily skin, as it is sure to breakout even more. Also, facials are good only every once in a while - don't want to send the sebaceous glands in a constant overdrive. Use a concealer to cover the unsightly blemishes. Another trick is to rub a cube of ice over the pimple to reduce the inflammation or simply dab your chosen ointment on the spot and let it work it's magic while you sleep.

Fuller Lips - Penciling your lip line is fine as long as you don't look to creating a completely new line. Don't ever draw outside of your natural shape. Go for reflective lip color to emphasis your mouth curves. Finger paint your lips when you wear a darker shade; it is the way to undefined pout power. For a dramatic look, add a touch pf shimmer just above your Cupid's bow, after applying your lipstick to supervise your mouth.

Look wide awake - You wake up looking groggy with eyes bags the size of a doughnut. Your skin is not worth talking about. And you just don't have the time to grab a kitty nap or two. Fear not. A sure-shot way to rouse your skin is to splash your face with ice-cold water. Get your skin to tingle and do a fine flush.

Fake freshly washed hair - Use baby power to dry up oily hairs blues. Especially if you've been sleeping it out a lot more and can't even squeeze in a shampoo. Just work a pinch of talk into your hair roots and scalp to soak up excess sebum. Another option, and a slightly bizarre one is, to pull a clean, old stocking over a natural bristle brush and run it gently through your hair to whisk away any remaining oil and powder residue.

Make-Up Remover - A great way to take off make-up is with baby oil. Just dab a little on a tissue and swipe across your face!

Lip Gloss - Instead of using lip gloss that doesn't last long enough, rub a thick layer of petroleum jelly (e.g. Vaseline) onto your lips and around them. This is great for winter as well because it prevents chapping and cold sores.

Eyeshadows Application - Apart from colour, there is a choice of forms of the eyeshadows. You can choose from pressed powders, pencils, sticks, gels, crayons and creams. Pressed powders are still me most popular form of shadows,'because they are easy to apply and control. These are available in pearly and matt textures. The effect is not long lasting,but if you apply them with a wet brush, you can get a deeper effect and increase the staying qualities of the colour. The cream shadows are oil or wax based. They are best suited for dry crepey lids and should be avoided on greasy lids. Sticks are a firmer form of cream shadow and look quite like lipsticks. Pencils have, however, almost totally replaced sticks and crayons. They have a high colour and filling ability. Gels are suited for greasy skins. These give a long lasting, subtle and translucent effect. Liquid shadows also have a long lasting effect, but are difficult to apply because it is difficult to get an even flow of colour with them.

Lining the eyes - Eyeliners, including our own indigenous kaajal are the most extensively used form of eye make-up. Liners outline the eye and are particularly attractive in deeper toning colours (to match the eyeshadow). The earlier cake type of liner has now been some what replaced by liquids and pencils. The liquid liners are sold in bottles either with a separate sable brush or in an automatic-unit with the brush built into the cap. The product may be either water-based (when it is susceptible to wetting with water) or alcohol-based (when it is water-proof). Our own kaajal has also undergone a considerable improvement- from cake to stick and now to a pencil, which is so easy to use.

Mascara Application - Water-based mascaras can be applied quickly because they dry rapidly. They can also be removed easily, so they are gentle to the lashes and the eyes. But there are several problems with their use: because the water evaporates quickly, the lashes tend to clump together; as the film is not water-proof, the mascara smudges easily when it comes in contact with water, tears, and perspiration; because of the high water content, these products are difficult to preserve and have a short keeping life.

Under Eye Concealers - The under-eye concealers are intended to hide blemishes, imperfections and dark circles under the eyes. They are more opaque than regular make-up, but still need to be matched to the skin tone. They are so formulated that the subsequent application of make-up does not remove them.

Applying blusher - The next step is the use of the blusher or the rouge. These cosmetics do several things to your face. They add shape, and defInition to your face, giving your complexion a wonderful, warm and youthful glow. Blushers are availabJe as powders, creams and sticks. Powder blushers are brushed on the face after powdering the face, while the cream and the stick varieties are applied after the foundation, but before using the powder. Use the colour on the blush area. This is the part of the face between parallel lines, one extending outward from the corner of your eye and the second from the bottom of your nose. A touch of colour across the forehead and on the chin completes the look. The cream rouge is applied to the cheeks with the fingertips in small amounts and spread in the desired fashion. The powder blusher is applied with a brush.

Some Free Make up and beauty tip:

  • Go for looks that suit your personality.
  • Match your make-up with your dress and lifestyle.
  • Don't follow trends blindly.
  • Check in bright light to see that it does not look too harsh.
  • Try and take professional advice, If possible.

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